The VII International Scientific Conference “Nonlocal boundary value problems and related problems of mathematical biology, computer science and physics” (B&NAK 2023) was held at the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Automation KBSC RAS in Nalchik on December 4 – 8. The Conference is associated with the scientific school created by A. M. Nakhushev, whose representatives work in many scientific and educational centers in Russia, near and far abroad countries. The abbreviation B&NAK is formed by the initials of noted mathematicians Bitsadze, Nakhushev and Kalmenov, who laid the foundations of scientific directions traditionally discussed at the Conference since then, and made a great contribution to the development of mathematical science. The Conference, where current problems of modern analysis and theory of differential equations, fractional calculus, mathematical modeling and various applications are discussed has been held regularly since 1996.

This year the organizers decided to dedicate it to the 85th anniversary of the birth of Adam Maremovich Nakhushev. The co-organizers of the B&NAK 2023 are: Institute of Applied Mathematics and Automation of the Kabardino-Balkarian Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Nalchik, Russia), Adyghe (Circassian) International Academy of Sciences, Kabardino-Balkarian State University named after Kh. M. Berbekov (Nalchik, Russia), Mathematical Center in Akademgorodok (Novosibirsk, Russia), Institute of Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling (Almaty, Kazakhstan), Institute of Mathematics named after V. I. Romanovsky Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan (Tashkent, Uzbekistan), Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan (Baku, Azerbaijan).

In addition, B&NAK 2023 was held as part of the Year of the Teacher and Mentor, and the Decade of Science and Technology, as well as the event dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the Russian Academy of Sciences. To participate in the Conference 258 scientists from 10 countries (Russia, Abkhazia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, India, Kazakhstan, Portugal, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan) were registered. The Conference has been held annually in-person and this Conference was no exception.

The Conference attended more than 100 scientists from 4 countries (Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan), including 25 cities of Russia. There were made 31 plenary reports by leading scientists from Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, including 18 reports by members of the Programme Committee, 89 section reports from 137 Conference participants. The presentations were devoted to the actual problems and the current state of research in the field of boundary value problems for differential equations, related problems of the theory of functions and functional analysis, fractional calculus and its application, mathematical modeling of physical, biological and socio-economic processes, theoretical and applied informatics.