1. Abstracts are accepted in Russian and English.
  2. Abstracts should not exceed 2 pages.
  3. Abstracts must be prepared in LaTeX format. The abstract template can be downloaded from the link.
  4. The file name must consist of the last name and initials of the author (the first author) written in Latin letters without spaces (for example, BogatyrevaFT.tex).
  5. Abstracts are accepted only through a personal account.
  6. To participate in the conference, you need:
  • register on the Conference website;
  • fill out the registration form in your personal account;
  • select the abstract file in *.tex format (including drawings in *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.png formats) and click the “Open” button. Then click the “Download” button to compile and send the files; you do not need to attach a pdf-file of the abstract (the system will create it itself upon successful compilation, after which you can download and view it);
  • to send the final version of the application, you need to click the “Submit Application” button.

Until you click the “Submit Application” button, all the entered data can be edited, but do not forget to click on the “Save Draft” button. If there is an error in the file, you will see a message on the screen, after that you need to correct the abstract and re-upload. Previously uploaded files can delete and upload new ones at any time before registration will not be completed.


The organizing committee has the right to reject materials that do not conform to the directions of the conference, as well as those that are not designed according to the requirements.